Buccaneers need to reach out to talented free agent defender

James Bradberry, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
James Bradberry, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

As many people anticipated, the Giants just released talented corner James Bradberry. The Buccaneers need to at least reach out.

The Buccaneers may like their draft class and their free agent additions, but there is a difference between liking what you have and staying hungry to improve.

Tampa is in a good position right now. Todd Bowles inherits a roster that is mostly the same one that won a Super Bowl a few years ago and was able to add a few new names to round out the group.

Still, the Bucs can afford to get aggressive in free agency to improve a secondary that struggled with a variety of issues in 2021, and former Giant and recent free agent corner James Bradberry looks like a great option to look into.

Bradberry is an extremely underrated corner that has the talent to start on most teams throughout the league. The Giants didn’t have much of a choice on the decision, but their secondary absolutely got worse today.

Much as they have done in the past few years, the Buccaneers need to use this mistake by the Giants as a way to make this Super Bowl contender even stronger.

Carlton Davis, Bradberry, and Jamel Dean would immediately be one of the best corner trios in the league. Sean Murphy-Bunting and Logan Ryan would be able to provide depth or step in successfully in the event of an injury, and Zyon McCollum would be the development piece for the future.

It may seem like overkill to replace SMB for Bradberry as a starter, but the unit always needs to get better, and the Bucs haven’t seen enough to commit for Murphy-Bunting for the future as is.

James Bradberry is probably going to have a robust market across the NFL and is a long shot to come to Tampa, but he is far too talented for the Buccaneers to ignore if they have some money to spend on the open market.

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