Buccaneers continue to look foolish because of one player

Blaine Gabbert, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)
Blaine Gabbert, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images) /

Buccaneers backup quarterback Blaine Gabbert must have a blackmail file on the Buccaneers several feet white. Tampa just can’t help itself.

Blaine Gabbert is proving to be one of the best conmen of his generation. What he is doing to the Buccaneers is nothing short of spectacular, and it leaves us asking “how the hell did this happen?” at least once every month.

Whether this is a case of a Jedi Mind Trick or Gabbert is just the most likable player in the league, the Buccaneers keep making themselves look foolish to the rest of the league and the fanbase through their inexplicable love for a career backup quarterback.

Gabbert is exactly that; a backup. Bruce Arians and the Bucs can talk themselves into whatever strange justifications for why he has been bad his entire career, but it doesn’t change a thing. There is no future in the NFL where Blaine Gabbert is a quality starter, and no one looking at his performances and tape should believe otherwise.

Despite the mountains of information we have to the contrary, this coaching staff still held onto the notion that Gabbert was the starter if Tom Brady never returned, and they are still sold on him as the backup for 2022. This should leave Kyle Trask as the third guy going forward.

Now, one of several things are going on here due to this dynamic, and none of them realistically show the Bucs in a good light.

The scenario that the team is trying to paint is that Gabbert is the best backup in the NFL and deserves a chance to start and Kyle Trask is going to grow via osmosis and become the starter after Blaine Gabbert down the road.

Does anyone honestly believe the first part? Even if the Bucs do genuinely believe that Trask is a future option, them thinking that they are the only team to see Gabbert for what he is is questionable. If Gabbert truly was a quality quarterback, why is every other team passing on him and making him such a cheap backup option for the Bucs?

In reality, the Bucs are almost assuredly overvaluing Gabbert. The fact that they are going to take away snaps from Trask to give to a guy that they think would be good as a starter for the first time in his thirties is ludicrous.

The most likely scenario here is that the Bucs are overvaluing Blaine Gabbert and mismanaging Kyle Trask during a pivotal time in franchise history.

Good future quarterbacks aren’t going to sit as the third guy for years before actually coming into their own. Trask isn’t Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, or Steve Young. The Buccaneers are making mistakes in their quarterback room, and they are starting with Blaine Gabbert.

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