Buccaneers veterans on the hot seat going into training camp

Ryan Succop, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Ryan Succop, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /
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The offseason is here, and so too are the discussions as to which players will get the axe during camp. Here is where the Buccaneers stand.

The Buccaneers would love to keep the veterans from the past few years on the team for as long as possible. It’s hard to break a winning roster apart in the name of getting better and more competitive for another all-in season, but that is just the nature of the beast.

The Bucs aren’t perfect, and the sooner they start to isolate and remove the players that aren’t actually making the team more competitive the better.

It might not be easy to say that a winning veteran shouldn’t be a part of the future. These guys have given their all to ensure that the Buccaneers would be in their current position.

Still, there are either cheaper options and better options for most of the following players on the roster already or in free agency, and the team has to recognize this if they care about making a deep playoff run again this season.

These veterans better watch their seats as they head into training camp. The just might see them catch on fire at this rate.