Best moves for Buccaneers to make after recent free agent news

Mike Edwards, Antoine Winfield, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mandatory Credit: Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports
Mike Edwards, Antoine Winfield, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mandatory Credit: Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports /

Strike while the iron’s hot. The Buccaneers made a quality pickup yesterday on the free agent market, and there are still more moves to make.

The best time for a team like the Buccaneers to make a free agent move is right after stealing another top player at their position.

Akiem Hicks was a great player to go after (if the team thinks he can stay healthy), and there are other great players out there at other positions that can help bolster this roster.

Being happy with what you have as you have it is a recipe for complacency. There is no place for complacency in the game of football, and there are plenty of moves for the Buccaneers to make to ward off this mistake.

1. Sign Carl Nassib

The Buccaneers need another proven option to rush the passer. Joe Tryon-Shoyinka and Anthony Nelson have clear upsides, but relying on these two only is a risky game.

It made sense to move off Jason Pierre-Paul to free up reps for JTS, but there are growing pains associated with this transition, and Nassib is a cheap option that knows Tampa who could help out without taking from the young guys.

2. Sign TE Eric Ebron

The Bucs only have one tight end on the roster right now that they can count on in 2022. Two rookies and Cameron Brate isn’t enough, and even Gronk coming back only leaves the Bucs with two guys and half of another.

Counting on a rookie tight end to develop in year one is just too much for the position.

Rather than waiting on rookies to develop, the Bucs should sign Ebron as a cheap insurance policy. If Gronk comes back, move Ko Kieft to the practice squad and roll with four guys. If Gronk doesn’t return, Tampa will still have a duo of quality tights ends with experience to shoulder the load while Cade Otton develops.

3. Find one more wide receiver 

The free agent wide receiver market is crazy. We get it. The Bucs have a good group that just got unlucky down the stretch last season, but banking on them to all step it up during an even more important season is just too risky.

Bringing in a guy like Julio Jones might be too flashy for a world of realistic signings, but there’re veterans out there than can be more consistent and at a higher level than some of the depth players the Bucs currently have slated to make the team.

Complacency is what kills runs like this. The Bucs still have some money to play with. Why not legitimately go all-in for Tom Brady?

Buccaneers need to be weary of major signing due to recent trend. light. Trending

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