Tampa Bay Buccaneers full 2022 season predictions

Devin White, Jason Pierre-Paul, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
Devin White, Jason Pierre-Paul, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) /
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With us being fully into OTAs, the time has come to start looking ahead to the 2022 season for the Buccaneers!

Below, I have put my predictions for all 17 games! I have tried to keep my team bias aside here, no matter how hard that is as a fan!

Dallas Cowboys, Away- Loss, 31-21

While we squeaked out a two-point win against Dallas last year, I think going into Dallas, and repeating those results, likely without Chris Godwin, will be difficult. The new additions to their pass rush should make Micah Parsons even more impactful, and I see their defense getting the better of our offense.

New Orleans Saints, Away-Win, 38-27

As the New Orleans Saints look to continue their head to head dominance against Tampa Bay (remember, they swept us in the regular season last year), I think Tampa will be motivated to not start the season 0-2 and will come out swinging. Tom Brady is 243-75 in games where he lost the previous one…. I think he makes that 244-75 here against the new regime in New Orleans.

Green Bay Packers, Home-Win 34-31

This one should be a nail biter, but I see us coming out with a win, potentially even on a last-second field goal. I know that Davante Adams is a huge loss to this Green Bay team, and we could potentially blow this game open without them having the firepower to get back into it, and maybe I’m giving to much credit to the Aaron Rodgers effect, but I think they will stay in this game, and Tampa Tom will find a way to set the offense up to pull this big game out in the end!

Kansas City Chiefs, Home-Win 27-14

Since my girlfriend is a massive Kansas City Chiefs fan, I am probably going to get in major trouble for saying this, but I just don’t think that Kansas City will be the same this year. I know they are in a situation similar to the Packers in that they just lost their best receiver…. And I think that Davante is a better receiver than Tyreek is….. but I think Tyreek Hill made the Chiefs offense what it was.

He was a focal point, a mismatch no matter who was guarding him. Patrick Mahomes could just throw the ball up and knew Tyreek would run under it. He was exactly what a gunslinging QB needs. Juju Smith-Schuster just does not do that at the same level and the Chiefs will no longer be able to take the top off of defenses the way they did before.