Bill Belichick looks silly without quarterback Tom Brady

Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

Is Bill Belichick the greatest coach of all time? Or is he simply the beneficiary of having the best quarterback of all time on his roster for twenty years?

Bill Belichick has been known as a football genius for the past twenty years. As the head coach of one of the greatest dynasties in sports history, it is more than fair that the title of genius passes to you, but is Belichick still building that case after Tom Brady went to the Buccaneers?

In a simple way of looking at it, Belichick has only hurt his standing within the NFL since he lost the greatest quarterback in the history of the sport.

Is Belichick really a genius in the draft and at scouting players, or is Tom Brady great at elevating the talent around him? Based on what we have seen over the past few years, it is hard to say Belichick’s draft or offensive genius is why the Patriots have been great.

Frankly, what the Hell has Belichick been doing on offense for the past few years, even the recent years with Brady?

The lack of any ability to find a quality wide receiver in the draft or free agency is concerning. Belichick reaching on draft picks for offensive linemen and running backs is also hard to understand. And, to top it all off, Matt Patricia could be the offensive coordinator?

The only reason why antics like this worked for so long was Brady. The GOAT had the talent to go out there with limited help on the offensive side of the ball and win. Mac Jones is not that player.

Belichick is obviously a great defensive coach, but it seems like the years of having Tom Brady spoiled him on his job for the other half of the ball. The Patriots offense looks primed to be one of the least-productive in the NFL in 2022, even with a pity-Pro Bowler at quarterback.

The era of defensive coaches in the NFL is coming to a close, and Bill Belichick is continuing to show us why during every season without Tom Brady.

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