Projecting Buccaneers players in NFL Top 100 players

Mike Evans, Tom Brady, Chris Godwin, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports
Mike Evans, Tom Brady, Chris Godwin, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports /
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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers boast one of the NFL’s most complete rosters from top to bottom. When it comes to the NFL Top 100 Players list, their peers have recognized this of late. Last year, the Buccaneers were represented by eight members in the Top 100. This year, with Jason Licht and company managing to mostly keep the team together, Bucs fans have to be hopeful for a similar output when the NFL Top 100 finally begins airing soon.

The list below is a prediction on which Buccaneers will be definitely make the list, which will manage to make it in, and which will just barely miss it. Let’s start with the slam dunks.

Buccaneers definitely in:

Tom Brady

Tom Brady finished second in MVP voting last year after leading the NFL in both passing yards with 5,316 yards and passing touchdowns with 43. Also, it bears repeating over and over again that he is 44 years old and doing this. Unquestionably the greatest football player of in the history of the sport, and unquestionably a top-ten pick yet again. Buccaneers fans are delighted to have him back once again at the helm of this team. No explanation is needed for this placement.

Ranking Prediction: #4

Mike Evans

Mike Evans has been a huge beneficiary of Brady’s presence on the Buccaneers. Evans was already one the NFL’s elite talents, with the production to back it up, but Brady has brought the Buccaneers into the national spotlight where Evans’ dominance has finally had the chance to shine under the bright lights.

For all that awards claim to be impartial, the spotlight of national attention is always a large factor. After laboring in without it, and thus in relative obscurity for his talent, Evans has officially broken into the stratosphere of extremely highly regarded NFL players. Expect this ranking to reflect that.

Ranking Prediction: #30

Tristan Wirfs

Wow, the Buccaneers struck gold with Tristan Wirfs. Just two years removed from college, Wirfs has become one of the most lauded and feared offensive linemen in football. Even by aggressive metrics, Wirfs has only given up THREE sacks across two years and 2,255 offensive snaps. That is an incredible pace, one well deserving of a top nod on the Top 100, and one that has Wirfs known by his peers as one of the best player in the league at the offensive tackle position. A well deserved honor for the second-year pro.

Ranking Prediction: #25

Lavonte David

Much like teammate Evans, the spotlight looks particularly good on Lavonte David. A truly stellar player for a full decade, David has only just recently been given the national attention that his dynamic talent and uncompromising command of the hungry Buccaneers’ defense deserve. The speed, the smarts, and the snap count to prove his reputation as one of the NFL’s elite should launch David into the upper ranks of the Top 100 this year.

Ranking Prediction: #43