Popular Buccaneers player also one of the most likely cuts

Scotty Miller, Rob Gronkowski, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Scotty Miller, Rob Gronkowski, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /

We’ve been saying it plenty over the past few months and nothing has changed in this regard yet; the Buccaneers and Scotty Miller aren’t set in stone.

It would be great if the Buccaneers were able to keep their entire team together without ever having to lose anyone. Contributors that played huge roles in the playoffs and beyond are the hardest to see go in this regard, but even they have a ticking clock on the team.

As the Bucs try to evaluate their offense and the bodies in the wide receiver room, at least one big cut is coming in that regard, and one cut may not be the only one.

One player that still seems the most likely to go Scotty Miller.

For those who aren’t looking deeper at this, seeing Miller’s name here might come as a surprise. He had a great season in 2020 before he was injured a decent chunk of 2021. There are flashy plays. Great catches. Playoff wins. Miller was even the leading receiver on the Bucs for the start of the Tom Brady era for a short time.

So, why could he be cut?

Unfortunately, Miller is a one-trick pony of sorts. Think of all his great plays. What comes to mind? If you said vertical routes, you’re right.

As strange as it may seem, Miller is not a slot receiver and he isn’t the shiftiest guy on the inside either as a route runner.

Miller is a burner, and a small one at that. He doesn’t block well, doesn’t get a ton of manufactured touches, and he is nearing the end of his contract.

With three spots open at wide receiver, keeping Miller to play this one role replaceably when other guys trying out can do that and more is a waste.

Just look at Cyril Grayson. Similar route tree, but Grayson is bigger and can block. One magical playoff run from Miller isn’t enough to ignore these deficiencies.

Breshad Perriman has a bit more of a route tree on the Bucs than he does on any other team, and even he brings more to the table than Miller.

While the Bucs probably have eight receivers worth rostering, they are probably going to have to get this number down to six by the end of camp. Guys that are limited the most and not protected by being on early rookie deals are likely the first to go.

There is still time for changes to happen and nothing set in stone, but it would be naive to not even acknowledge that Scotty Miller is joining camp on the hot seat. The Buccaneers are going to need to see a lot from Miller on offense and special teams and not see the same skills from four other guys if he is to make the team.

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