Concerning Tom Brady trend is strange with the Buccaneers

Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

Does Tom Brady truly want to play football for the Buccaneers? It feels like every one of his recent interviews pokes holes in his decision to return.

The Buccaneers and their fanbase rejoiced at the improved team standing created by having Tom Brady, the best quarterback in the history of the sport, back on the team. But is the same Brady coming back?

One of the best things that Brady brought to the Buccaneers was an insatiable fire that even a Super Bowl ring with his new team wasn’t able to extinguish. Brady wanted it more. He loved the game. This mentality is why he has been able to extend his career so much longer than most people predicted.

A loss of that mentality could put Brady and the Bucs in a dicey position.

Where does the concern about Brady’s return come from? Well, the GOAT has been up on a podium or in front of a camera plenty during the past few months. Whether it is up in front of Buccaneers reporters on on social media, it’s not like Brady has been a recluse.

With all of these interviews, comments, and opportunities to silence any strange narratives, Brady has taken a concerning approach with his choice of words and an apparent like of fire having to do with his return.

Brady chose his words carefully and didn’t deny rumors that he wanted to go to Miami.

The GOAT also called himself crazy in his desire to return and mentioned that the appetite to compete will be gone soon.

Before that, Brady compared the notion of returning to a struggle like running a marathon and even using the word ‘ugh.’

These quotes aren’t cherry-picked. They are the three times that Brady has spoken to the media about his retirement and his return, and there is a clear underlying thread that these responses are not those that you would expect from Brady at any other point of his career.

It is absolutely valid to question whether the GOAT actually wants to play and if he wants to play in Tampa. This type of wishy-washy attitude when addressing the media when Brady has already shown how confident he is is not what the team needs from its leader.

If Tom Brady wants to be back, be back. If he doesn’t, he is putting himself in a position to get hurt and the Buccaneers in a position to lose football games.

A change is needed. This trend needs to stop one way or another.

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