Prominent list continues to show disconnect between analyst and Buccaneers

Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /

No one on the planet should be able to look at the season Tom Brady just had with the Buccaneers and say he isn’t top five in the NFL at his position.

Chris Simms is no stranger to putting absolutely wild takes out on the internet. His quarterback rankings every year seem to only exist to draw the ire of nearly every fanbase in the NFL, and it looks like it will be no different in 2022 with the Buccaneers and several other teams.

Simms is known for having a combination of quality analysis mixed in with some strange ways of looking at the position. This yearly list lives in a constant state of infamy, but it is generally one of the most comprehensive from a person in a position like Simms.

See for yourself here in his list for this season:

Anything stand out?

Outside of the immediate pertaining to Tom Brady and the Buccaneers, this list does feel a bit reactive to what we just saw. Recency bias is a hell of a thing.

Putting Justin Herbert and Burrow so high on the list seems like it is entirely due to this new push from the league to put young stars in the forefront of the NFL. Both are great quarterbacks, but neither are coming off an MVP-caliber season like Brady is.

Also, Russell Wilson at seven and above Brady feels like it is entirely due to his offseason hype generated by a trade. The NFL and the media have a way of over-inflating big-name players right after trades to new destinations, and that feels like the only way Wilson could be above Brady after the seasons we just saw fro these two.

Lastly, at the main event, we see even more bias against the Buccaneers from the media. What’s new?

Tom Brady, the rightful MVP from 2021, is the eighth quarterback in the league? We’re going to need to see a recount.

How anyone could see one of the best seasons of Brady’s career and put half of these guys over him is beyond this writer. Frankly, Brady played like the second or third guy on this list during his most recent season, and being anywhere beneath that makes this wrong from the start.

Again, we’re just seeing more Tom Brady slander. Perhaps this is a good thing. If the GOAT can get out of his funk and actually want to be on the field, this will hopefully just serve as bulletin board material for the future.

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