Buccaneers need to act quickly on reported free agent interest

Kyle Rudolph, Minnesota Vikings, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Tom Dahlin/Getty Images)
Kyle Rudolph, Minnesota Vikings, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Tom Dahlin/Getty Images) /

After reports came out that the Buccaneers are interested in free agent tight end Kyle Rudolph, the team is going to want to act quickly.

Most people are probably sick of hearing it at this point: the current tight end room isn’t going to cut it for the Buccaneers during their last and best chance at winning a Super Bowl with Tom Brady at quarterback.

Given the need and the time of year, one would assume that the Buccaneers are about to make a run at a free agent tight end or two.

It’s early, and the Bucs should have their pick of the market, so it makes sense that the first names mentioned will be the ones the team likes the most and sees as the best fit.

Enter Kyle Rudolph and this recent report from Jeremy Fowler involving the Buccaneers:

Rudolph is the first name to pop up that Tampa has shown interest in, and it stands to reason that he is their favorite for the time being because of this.

If the Buccaneers came to the conclusion that Rudolph is their best fit despite the other options on the market, the team needs to act quickly.

The market is limited as it stands and waiting could mean that another team snags one of the few free agents that is still actually available before the start of camp. Waiting does very little to help in a situation like this.

As previously-mentioned, the other options on the market aren’t excellent. One way or another, the Bucs need a replacement for Rob Gronkowski, so waiting and increasing the likelihood that a guy like Rudolph will go to a new team is dangerous for such an offensive-dependent team.

The Buccaneers know what they still need. They need to act on this knowledge before the situation gets worse.

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