Scotty Miller role with Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2022

Scotty Miller, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Scotty Miller, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

The receiver positions on offense for the Buccaneers are expected to be Mike Evans, free agent singing Russell Gage, and Chris Godwin when he is fully cleared to play. Scotty Miller has been a valuable receiver for the Bucs for the last few seasons, including the Super Bowl championship season in the 2020 season. Miller can do more than just run “go routes” and “Hail Mary” routes. He has proven capable of catching passes in short to medium range passes.

Every receiver in the league can improve at route running, and it’s necessary to keep a job in the NFL. New talent comes in every year, and veterans improve their skill sets and production. I was thinking how effective it would be to use Miller on wide receiver screens.

Wide receiver screens are used as a substitute for the run game and usually pick up three to eight yards. Miller has exceptional speed at receiver, and if the blocks land, Miller could break a screen for a TD or 30-plus yard gain.

I also thought how terrifying it would be for defenses if Miller lined in the halfback position- shotgun especially. I think Miller would get more yards running outside the tackles,rather than going vertical in between the tackle and guard spots. Trips left, halfback toss with a guard pulling.

If Miller turns the corner, it is a major yardage gain. I did not view a lot of jet sweep motion with the Bucs offense in 2021. A jet sweep is a tool that can help identify what defense is being run against that offensive play. The quarterback can also hand the ball off to the receiver running the jet sweep. With effective blocking, this can go for a major yardage gain.

Scotty Miller is an excellent NFL receiver. I’m just throwing out some ideas about how Miller could be used as a slash role player in the Bucs offense. Whether Miller is catching balls while running a slant, go, hitch, or screen his hands, speed will produce positive offensive yardage.

The Bucs are stacked at the halfback position. If Miller were used in a “slash” role, it could throw defenses off when they are defending for a pass for five eligible wide receivers.

What do you think about Scotty Miller? Would Miller succeed as a “slash” player, or should he be used only as a receiver? Leave your comments below. Have a great week! Go Bucs!

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