Buccaneers Super Bowl champion still rightfully drawing questions

Antonio Brown, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
Antonio Brown, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports /

Antonio Brown looked like a lock for the Hall of Fame less than five years ago. The Buccaneers and the rest of the NFL are wondering what happened.

People should just get to live their lives at a certain point. Buccaneers fans keeping hate in their hearts for Antonio Brown are silly. He didn’t kill the Super Bowl hopes in 2021 single-handedly and his help in 2020 was invaluable.

Even with the impossible scenes against the Jets and the months of discussions afterwards, Brown still did good for the Bucs.

It is clear that Brown is trying to find himself. Leave the CTE or medical conversations for a different day. Some people just make bad choices or go against the grain. Pointing to medical complications as a catch-all for someone who makes bad decisions is unfair.

Even though we can’t know for sure, Brown is living his life and attempting a career as a rapper, and while everyone should hope that he finds fulfillment in some way, it is still fair to wonder how this happened and where he would be today if he was able to keep a lid on the worst of his antics.

What the Hell happened to AB? Where would he be today if the past few years went differently? 

Brown was a Hall of Famer. He was the best wide receiver of the 2010s. AB has the ring, the awards, and a stat sheet that most receivers will work a whole career towards beating and still fall hilariously-short.

If AB likes rapping that is one thing, but anyone who has listened to his music for one minute knows that his true talent lies on the football field.

Recent videos from Rolling Loud have fans and players questioning the events that have caused this to happen.

This is a fair question to ask of one of the best players to play the game over the past two decades, but we also have to acknowledge that we may never get a real answer.

Still, it is unfortunate that we didn’t get to see one more year of this Buccaneers offense with one of the best wide receiver trios of all time. The Bucs will be able to figure it out one way or another, and hopefully AB is able to do the same.

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