Tom Brady absence is actively hurting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

Tom Brady taking some time away from the Buccaneers in training camp is a strange occurrence. It isn’t helping the team in the slightest.

Buccaneers fans truly are a special group. Only they could see something like this with Tom Brady in a positive light.

For those who are not familiar yet, Brady is taking a few days off from camp due to personal reasons. It has been ruled out that this has to do with medical reasons or a death in the family, and the Bucs have confirmed that this was decided before the start of camp.

While there are still reasons that don’t need to be disclosed to the public that are legitimate answers as to why Brady is not going to be at these practices, the whole ordeal is a little strange.

How many other quarterbacks are taking this much time away from their team in the preseason without a clear reason? This is not a common occurrence in the past or the present, and acting like it is justifiable for whatever reason because that player is the greatest quarterback in the history of the sport is silly.

Brady has brought unprecedented levels of success to the Buccaneers after years of mediocrity and is a lock for the Ring of Honor when he retires. No player in the history of the franchise has ever been as important. Moves like this are still strange.

The GOAT doesn’t need these reps in camp. It makes sense that fans aren’t worried about this causing him to miss a step, but there are some legitimate chemistry concerns about this new offense that would improve with as many reps as possible.

The offensive line has three new starters this year. There are also two new starting wide receivers on the field with two new tight ends.

This team is not the one that returned 22 starters after winning the Super Bowl. This team needs to grow, and Brady not being there is not to the new guys’ benefit.

Young guys need reps with a player as cerebral as Brady. Receivers will be able to show off more of their skills with the starting quarterback rather than backups.

This move impacts the entire team, and it comes at a bad time where Brady’s name needs to get out of the headlines.

Between a strange retirement, press conferences that talk about football being a chore and not something he can fully commit to at his former level, and confirmed reports that he was in talks with the Dolphins to become a partial owner, these actions are different from the ones that made Brady great.

That hunger that was put on display when Tom Brady called Byron Leftwich the day after winning the Super Bowl is gone. Breaks like this could come for legitimate reasons, but even legitimate reasons don’t take away from the negative impact this brings to the team.

A few practices may not seem like much, especially not when Brady is unlikely to see the field in the preseason games, but it is all going to add up when looking at the start of the season for the Bucs.

Those games are getting closer, and going one and three against talented opponents is not how this team shows that it is ready to win another Super Bowl.

A locked-in Tom Brady could change that, but we need to see that guy again soon.

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