Most likely outcome for Buccaneers bubble wide receiver

Scotty Miller, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Scotty Miller, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /

The preseason was less than exciting for the Buccaneers across the board, but it did reveal plenty. Here is where it looks like Scotty Miller will fall.

The first preseason game for the Buccaneers was actually somewhat entertaining. The offense moved well, and it seemed like the depth guys were able to find the fire that worked well with the coaching staff to look competitive in a game that didn’t really matter.

The rest of the games were a different story.

The Bucs of the past two weeks have looked bad on both sides of the ball. The play-calling has lacked. The performances have been mediocre from guys that need to be more than that.

Still, this time is about figuring out what the team has going forward, and it seems like we should have a pretty good idea about where the final roster will be.

This brings us to wide receiver Scotty Miller.

Miller has lived on the bubble for the entirety of the preseason. As much as some fans will dispute this in the comments, the Bucs have six clear receivers without Miller. Jaelon Darden and Tyler Johnson aren’t going anywhere.

With six guys locked in, Miller’s chances did drop off. Seven receivers is not insane, but it isn’t common either.

Regardless, it does look like the Bucs are going to keep seven wide receivers based on the injuries to other positions and the lack of need for spots, and that should keep Miller firmly in Tampa.

The rookie receivers just didn’t do enough to unseat a guy with Miller’s experience and connection with Brady. Deven Thompkins didn’t pop on returns, Kaylon Geiger was inconsistent, and Jerreth Sterns wasn’t able to show that he brings more to the table than a guy like Miller.

Scotty Miller was far from perfect and his game still has some holes, but no one should worry about his role on the team after what we saw from the three games and the team practices.

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