Why did Tom Brady come back to the Buccaneers?

Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

It seemed like retirement was the best move for Tom Brady (not for the Buccaneers.) So, why did the GOAT come back when there is so much going on?

The only people on the planet that wouldn’t say the last few months haven’t been crazy for Tom Brady are Buccaneers fans.

We’ve been through a lot. It makes sense that we would latch onto the first good quarterback that we’ve had in years.

Still, Brady’s last few months are not anything to overlook.

Here is a look back at some of the biggest things:

Tom Brady retired and then signed an extremely lucrative deal to move into the booth, making him even more wealthy and giving him time with his family 

Brady returns from retirement, but his head coach then retires on the verge of making a concrete Hall of Fame case 

Brady explains that getting up for football was very hard at this point of his career, highlighting that it is hard for him to give all of himself to the sport at this stage of his career and life 

News was confirmed that Brady engaged in “conversations” around going to the Dolphins to be a partial owner and potentially as a player 

Brady then steps away from the Buccaneers for nearly two weeks during the preseason, an unprecedented move that no other quarterback in the NFL is doing, and gives no answers as to the reasoning 

Yeah, all business as usual, right?

Seriously, how can anyone look at this and not start to draw some strange conclusions? Brady and the Buccaneers are doing almost nothing to calm the waters and provide answers, and that leaves all of us that aren’t blinded by the winning to wonder why the Hell he came back from retirement in the first place.

Brady has already won everything he can. He had the money and the future locked down. He had time for his family. He was set.

People would say that he loves football and can’t stop competing, but which of his recent press conferences make it seem like he really loves football? Which of them show that he loves the grind still?

It’s okay to fall out of love with a sport that is trying to kill you after 20 years. It’s okay to want to focus on other areas. Yet, here Brady is, trying to win in a season that doesn’t impact his legacy for the better at all.

The whole situation is strange. The rational people can see it. One way or another, hopefully Brady and the Buccaneers are able to make the most of this season, and hopefully the GOAT is able to find what he is looking for.

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