Buccaneers need to look to Jaguars deal as inspiration

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images) /

The Jaguars just made a trade with one of their wide receivers. The Buccaneers should be taking notes with a similar need.

The Buccaneers have already made one cut with a player that could make an active roster as a wide receiver. Will they let this happen again without getting any guarantees at getting something back in return?

Jerreth Sterns made sense as a cut for the Bucs. His future outlook was not the same as his teammates’ and he didn’t bring enough in the moment to unseat a veteran.

The Buccaneers made the right decision to cut the first of their contending undrafted free agent receivers, but the rest of the guys will require a bit more weight from those making the decisions.

While the other guys didn’t stand out during the preseason, there is a chance that a guy like Deven Thompkins could make the roster for the Bucs.

That would leave Scotty Miller out on the street, and while it seems unlikely, this is not completely out of the question just yet.

If the Bucs are leaning towards Miller walking, they should follow the lead set by the Jaguars and try to move on from him via a trade today before they lose him for nothing tomorrow.

Teams aren’t going to give up all that much with a cut potentially on the horizon, but getting anything in return for a guy that should have a decent market makes plenty of sense.

The Buccaneers choosing to cut or move on from Miller would come as a bit of a surprised based on what we have seen over the past few weeks, but the team does need to be ready to make the right decision if the opportunity presents itself.

Trades aren’t easy, but they would work out well for the Buccaneers here.

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