Buccaneers make smart cut with veteran defensive back

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Logan Ryan,
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Logan Ryan, /

No, the Buccaneers are not actually moving on from Logan Ryan. This is just a smart move from a front office that always acts like this.

Logan Ryan is going to be a big part of the defense for the Buccaneers in 2022 as they try to make it back to another Super Bowl victory.

Veterans like Ryan are going to play a large role in what this team tries to do to fix its defensive problems from the past few years, and a roster cut during a time like this is going to get blown out of proportion.

Yes, the Bucs did cut Ryan, but there is no reason to believe he will not be back with the team very soon.

Much as Greg Auman explains, Ryan is gone for now, but it makes a lot of sense that we will see him back on the team as soon as tomorrow.

The Bucs had to find something like this to do in an effort to leave the door open for Ryan Jensen to potentially return down the road. Ryan was removed from the roster to leave a spot open for Jensen, and his vested veteran status will give the Bucs the chance to bring him back without other teams having the chance on the waiver wire.

Younger players like Deven Thompkins are a different story. As nice as it would be to bring some of these undrafted rookies back, other teams will get a chance to steal them away before the Bucs can lock anyone down.

Ryan is a completely different story, and it will end up being the right move when it gives the Bucs a chance at getting Ryan Jensen back down the road.

There is no reason to worry. The only news on Ryan’s end has been that he is great. This is not a real cut to worry about.

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