Silly mistake by opponent opens the door for Buccaneers to change future

Trey Lance, target for the Buccaneers (Photo by Logan Riely/Getty Images)
Trey Lance, target for the Buccaneers (Photo by Logan Riely/Getty Images) /

The Buccaneers would be very thankful if the 49ers can mess up the Trey Lance situation and bring the quarterback to Tampa.

The future for the Buccaneers isn’t exactly all that bright right now. Some fans may point to the depth of the roster at all of the key positions, but the roster was pretty deep before Tom Brady arrived with one key exception.

NFL teams run through the quarterback. Just look at the Bengals from 2021.

A good quarterback has a way of overcoming everything, and shortcoming at the position have a way of setting deep rosters back or capping their success (see the 49ers and the Broncos).

With that being said, it is strange that the 49ers have chosen to keep Jimmy Garoppolo, but the Buccaneers aren’t going to complain.

It is obvious that San Francisco wasn’t able to find anyone crazy enough to trade for an over-priced game manager with limited upside, and their only choice was to keep him on the roster as an extremely pricey backup.

This wouldn’t be as bad if Trey Lance wasn’t going into such an important season.

Lance and everyone else already knows that he has to start this season. Seventeen starts in the regular season for Lance should be the only goal, but Garoppolo does complicate matters somewhat.

Could Jimmy G win his job back as Lance goes through some obvious growing pains? What do the 49ers do if this happens?

This is where the Bucs come in.

Let’s say Lance does struggle during his “rookie” season. He gets to the end of year two and it looks like his team could hilariously stick with Jimmy Garoppolo. Why would he not demand a trade?

Everyone knows that a quarterback who can’t win the starting job in their first two years is already facing an uphill battle. That uncertainty puts a lot of pressure on the team and on the player, and Lance may decide that demanding a trade is in his best interest.

The Bucs, alongside a lot of other times, would be extremely interested.

Who wouldn’t want a mobile quarterback with a huge arm to be the new face of the franchise (outside of San Francisco)? Tampa would already have the roster in place and a coach that wants to win, so trading for a guy like Lance could be the perfect move if that situation devolves like some think it could.

Keep an eye on the 49ers, and maybe hope that Jimmy Garoppolo plays well.

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