Tom Brady makes Rob Gronkowski easy Buccaneers offer

Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /

If Rob Gronkowski truly does stay retired from football and doesn’t come back to the Buccaneers, you can’t say Tom Brady didn’t try.

The Buccaneers are flatly at their best when they have Rob Gronkowski on the field. A target like Gronk that meshes so well with Tom Brady is almost a no-brainer on a team that has gone all-in offensively more than once, and his retirement did set the offense back slightly.

While the team does seem to like what they have in their current tight end room, Brady isn’t going to let that stop him from pressing on his friend.

In yet another round of what is sure to be a continuing series of Brady and Gronk having fun with themselves on social media for the fans, Brady makes Gronk an offer:

Alright, so first things first, this is obviously silly. Brady and Gronk have been known to tease on this subject for the past few years. Just look at Julian Edelman.

With that being said, Brady and Gronk are close enough to know where the line is. Gronk has made it clear that he is not returning to Tampa and is going to stay retired, but no one else in his life is saying this.

Most of Gronk’s friends and family seem to think that a return could be on the table, and if he hasn’t truly shut this down with Brady during their private conversations, then the GOAT would not do something like this in the first place.

Rob Gronkowski is like that friend that says they don’t want to go out. They will say it over and over again, but everyone in your group of friends knows what a little pushing will do.

Tom Brady is doing that little bit of pushing. It hurts nothing, and if it brings a Hall of Fame tight end back to the Buccaneers, then all the better.

To this writer, it looks like this is an easy offer to say yes to. One more year of winning, a cool tattoo, and as Gronk said, he misses his teammates. This sure seems like the perfect opportunity to accomplish all of those things with one decision.

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