Buccaneers need to make most of reported Tom Brady swan song

Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mandatory Credit: Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports
Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mandatory Credit: Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports /

Reports have come out that Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady plans to retire after the season. The Buccaneers need to make the most of this year.

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, who tends to be more in-tune with sources and a master of the game compared to most, Tom Brady is planning on retiring from football at the end of the 2022 NFL season. He’s 45 years old, the very age he always planned on riding into the sunset.

It’s truly impeccable timing that this would come out the day the Tampa Bay Buccaneers  are set to kick off that 2022 season, but that’s a tin-foil hat discussion for another day.

The fact of the matter is simple. It is Super Bowl or bust for the Buccaneers.

It is all starting to come together as the missing pieces to the never ending offseason Brady puzzle have been found. That said, it’s time for football.

The Bucs have to make the most of this year. It’s kind of funny actually, since a lot of times when legends of the game have their swan-song season, Kobe Bryant and Derek Jeter for example, their teams are rarely competitive and the season can be centered around them in a celebratory manner. That is not the case for the Buccaneers.

Brady and the Bucs need to go out on top, because after this season, the fanbase will eat itself alive Game of Thrones/House of the Dragon-style arguing and fighting over the next heir to the quarterback position is. If Brady’s brief retirement and social media aftermath this summer was any indication.

As for the Buccaneers, one of the harsh truths is that without the GOAT under center, the franchise will fade back into obscurity and borderline irrelevance with uncertainty at quarterback. It’s why the team had fans commit to multiple years for season tickets, which is still baffling to this writer that it even comes to that but what are you gonna do?

The point is, if Tom Brady is in fact done, for real this time, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have to do everything they can to make sure he goes out on top of the mountain, while also keeping an eye on what lies ahead.