Buccaneers captain throws shade at former teammate after huge win

Devin White, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)
Devin White, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images) /

Of all the times for a victory lap, Devin White chose a perfect moment after the Buccaneers defeated their former starting quarterback.

Phew. Beating the Saints probably felt extra good for most Buccaneers fans today.

It has felt like ages since Tampa has beaten the Saints in the regular season (not that it should really matter), and it felt a little sweeter to defeat the former starting quarterback for the Bucs; Jameis Winston.

New Orleans isn’t known for their likable antics in Tampa, and Winston choosing to dance on crutches after beating the Buccaneers made it hard for Winston’s remaining supporters in Tampa to stand on their position. (no pun intended)

It is clear that the Bucs players have little love remaining for Winston, and that appeared to come out when Devin White was interviewed after the game:

Yep, you have to love Devin White.

The defense was able to dominate the Saints from the opening whistle, and White was correct too. The picks did come. Bucs fans have been telling the world that they were coming for years.

Winston seemed calm and patient in Sean Payton’s offense at the start of last year. Today, he looked like he was teleported back to Bruce Arians’ offense in 2019. The deep looks were there at times, but there were some tight windows that Winston tried to force that gave the Buccaneers too much time to make a play, just like White said.

Based on the history, none of this is in bad taste. The Saints and the Bucs hate each other, and shade like this comes after almost every matchup between the two.

The Buccaneers ended this game on top after a dominant performance from Devin White and the defense. Hopefully they will be able to do the same thing when these teams come back to Tampa.

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