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Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /

The NFL trade deadline is rearing its head once again. By 4pm EST on November 1, there will be several quality players across the league getting their start in a new organization. For those who are looking to make an immediate impact on a playoff-hopeful team, Tampa Bay is a very enticing destination. So lets take a look at the trade acquisitions that the Buccaneers should, and should not, try to make a move for.

Should Not:

Kenny Golladay

It’s frankly ridiculous that the Buccaneers are facing a potential need at WR after the offseason they just had. Adding Julio Jones, Russel Gage, and re-signing Chris Godwin was supposed to make this group the most intimidating unit in football.

Instead, Julio cannot stay healthy, Gage is struggling with timing and drops, and Godwin has only just managed to come off the injury report for the first time this year. Even Mike Evans is having a down year so far, thanks in part to his post-whistle fighting in New Orleans. So should the Bucs take a look at another WR to try and finally solve the problem?

In short, no. Julio Jones and Russel Gage may be disappointments, but the last thing Tampa Bay needs is yet another old, slow, injury-prone WR. Golladay has been nowhere to be found since breaking out to lead the league in receptions back in 2019, and without an amount of cap space allowing for frivolity, the Buccaneers should focus elsewhere.


Mike Gesicki

How badly to the Bucs miss Rob Gronkowski? The red zone struggles, the inability for pass catchers to win immediately, and the glaring need for Tom Brady to find someone he trusts as a quick valve in the passing game all point to how the effect of losing Gronk has sunk Tampa Bay’s ship thus far.

The Bucs have tried to fill the hole in their offense with rookies Cade Otton and Ko Kieft working alongside veterans Cam Brate and Kyle Rudolph, but of those four only Otton has shown anything special. The Bucs need an interior presence who has the size and speed to win quickly in the middle of the field. Gesicki could be the solution.

He is one of the best pure-pass catching TEs in all of football, only on the trade block because Miami’s scheme is built around the speed of their two superstar WRs, rendering him an unnecessary asset. But the Buccaneers love to use the skillsets that Gesicki possesses, the size and quickness and surprising athleticism for a man who stands at 6’6” and 250 lbs.

The best part? He might not even cost much. Given that he’s been a nonfactor in the revamped Miami offense, and doesn’t bring with him the name recognition of some other similarly talented stars, the price to pluck him from Miami could be a win for the Bucs. All in all, I definitely expect Licht, Bowles, and Brady to have a serious conversation about adding Mike Gesicki to the squad.

Isaiah Wynn

Haven’t heard much about Isaiah Wynn? You’re not alone. The current Patriots left tackle isn’t the type of player to grab spotlights, but he’s a rock solid veteran starter with experience playing many different positions on the offensive line. This last piece is key because, as I’m sure every Bucs fan knows by now, the interior of the oline has been dreadful.

Rookie Luke Goedeke looks absolutely lost out there, and Robert Hainsey isn’t much better. Those two positions are easily the piece of the puzzle this Bucs squad most desperately needs to fix if this team wants to make a playoff run in what is likely Tom Brady’s last year at the helm.

With Wynn also set to hit free agency after this season, simply getting him as a stopgap for the remainder of the year could lower a price that might otherwise be a bit too hefty for the pockets of Licht and Co. But if the Buccaneers could swing a trade for Wynn they would take a huge step towards the changes that need to happen to return to national relevance again this year.

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