Tom Brady Buccaneers fall from grace important life lesson

Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /

The season isn’t over for the Buccaneers, but one has to wonder what Tom Brady is thinking about with the start of the season in shambles.

We have come a long way from avocado tequila and boat parades.

While Tom Brady and the Buccaneers were able to create a team that was one of the most successful and effective units in the league during their first two years, effectiveness on the field was only a part of the story.

Buccaneers football, while good, had also become fun. Brady’s personality matched well with a young group that was always filled with smiles and humor, and even Bruce Arians had a personality that actually meant something as the team crawled out of the gutters.

Fun and successful football, where has it gone?

This season hasn’t been all that much fun for anyone, Tom Brady in particular due to how different the entire sport seems for him right now.

The GOAT isn’t playing poorly right now. In fact, he is playing quite well given the circumstances, but there is a noticeable change on the sidelines and when talking to the media, and that isn’t just due to playing losing football.

Brady seems drained. Unhappy. The silliness and the fire seem to be replaced by something else entirely, and that something else wasn’t a part of what made Tampa great for those two years.

The off-field distractions are obviously still weighing on Brady and it seems like every week we are left wondering why the end of that retirement ever came in the first place.

Tom Brady coming back to the Buccaneers never made sense. Brady has money, the legacy, the stats, the legend, the rings, the awards, and everything else a player could ever want from a career and then some. Brady retiring after an MVP-caliber season and a Super Bowl the year before only capped off his legend. Coming back and not knowing when to quit has only caused others to have fun at Brady’s expense.

“He just loves football” some would say in his defense. Really? Is that what it looks like on the sideline? Is that what his press conferences indicate? We would challenge that.

There is still time for this season to turn around, but for now it seems like this is just a brutal example of not knowing when to quit when you’re ahead. Wins might come, but will we see Brady having fun on the field again this season? The jury’s still out.

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