Buccaneers starter definitely needs to go to the bench

Buccaneers offensive line (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
Buccaneers offensive line (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /

The Buccaneers are struggling in almost every aspect of their offensive game plan. One move that would help is benching Luke Goedeke.

While it is far too early to start saying the word ‘bust,’ it is not too early to start saying that Luke Goedeke has been a major disappointment for the Buccaneers in his rookie season.

The starting left guard through the first seven games has been one of the worst linemen in football, and while he is coming off a better game, especially as a pass-blocker, the Bucs need to see that the writing is on the wall and make the right move.

The moment is simply too big for the rookie. The talent of the opposition has generally been immense, and while it is fair to say that some growing pains were expected, this has reached a new level of bad.

The Bucs are dying on offense. The team keeps running to the left despite Goedeke’s inability to run block, and the pressure from the left side of the field has greatly disrupted Tom Brady’s rhythm.

Goedeke needs to go to the bench, and that thing that has made that all the more apparent has been the play of backup Nick Leverett.

One game and some preseason reps may not be enough for some fans to completely jump ship, but comparing what we have seen from Leverett in 2022 to what we have seen from Goedeke is like seeing night and day.

Leverett is better as a pass-blocker, and the real kicker (and fact that makes his spot on the bench more surprising in a Todd Bowles offense), is that he is a better run-blocker.

The move just makes way too much sense on paper. Put Goedeke on ice and give him another shot next year.

The Buccaneers need to focus on winning right now.

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