Buccaneers captain unwise to comment on Hall of Famer

Devin White, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Devin White, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

Devin White has been under fire for a few weeks now from Buccaneers fans, the media, and former players alike. Maybe he should listen.

The Devin White saga has been downright weird for the Buccaneers in recent weeks. How did it ever get to this point?

It feels like White was drafted with the first-round pick so recently. The big plays were there. The athleticism and the speed were there. The personality and leadership was there too.

Now, it doesn’t even feel like a foregone conclusion that White will get another contract from the Buccaneers, at least not one of the size that he is looking for.

It’s a tough situation, but it is the business of football. You always have to look for guys that deserve their contracts based on ability and merit over name or status, and it is hard to argue that White has been there consistently during his career.

The past few weeks have put these issues under and extra level of scrutiny as Tampa is off to its worst start of the Tom Brady era.

Even Buccaneers legend and Hall of Famer Warren Sapp decided to step in to comment on White’s play. He didn’t hold back.

Sapp was understandably frustrated with what he saw in White. So, for the fans saying “he was Defensive Player of the Month,” or “look at the stats,” here is a player worth listening to.

White’s comments back is where this took a weird turn.

Tampa’s captain was generally respectful towards Sapp, especially towards the end, but an early part of the statement stands out:

Is White trying to tell the world that Warren Sapp doesn’t know football? Because that is exactly what his words said.

Did he fumble those around? Perhaps, but this reads and listens as if White is implying that Sapp doesn’t know football, and that is absolutely hilarious.

Something needs to change soon in Tampa. Stuff like this can’t happen.

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