Mixed bag from Scotty Miller impacts future with Buccaneers

Scotty Miller, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Scotty Miller, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /

It looks like Scotty Miller is going to continue being one of the most difficult players on the Buccaneers to fairly evaluate after his game vs. the Rams.

There aren’t a lot of players on the Buccaneers right now that have higher highs and lower lows than Scotty Miller. This dichotomy on the field has made the young receiver one of the most divisive players on the roster, especially during the past few months.

Everyone remembers the great moments from Miller. The deep passes for touchdowns. The playoff catches that helped the team en route to the Super Bowl. The blazing speed.

As mentioned, the highs were extremely high, but there have also been some clear lows in recent years.

Injuries and drops have slowed Miller down greatly. During the preseason after barely playing in 2021, it looked like a struggling Miller could be one of the last cuts for the team.

The Buccaneers decided to stay put with Miller on the roster, and the results were about as expected. The drops didn’t go away, but the good moments were still there too.

Last night was just a continuation of this strange combination of good and bad.

Miller seemed to be the only target on the field for Tom Brady during the game-winning drive against the Rams. It felt like the Rams could not (or better, refused to) cover Miller. Brady went to one of his oldest targets time and time again, moving the ball up the field with incredible efficiency.

All of the good grace that Miller was building by coming up clutch collapsed when he dropped an easy touchdown to win the game. The Bucs were still able to win the game by way of Cade Otton shortly thereafter, but the game-winning catch should’ve been from Scotty Miller.

The consistency just isn’t there, and if it isn’t there yet, it probably won’t ever be.

Still, the highs probably outweigh the lows for now, but they probably won’t be enough to keep Miller on the roster much beyond this season.

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