Buccaneers make history in Germany, what else is to come?

Devin White, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mandatory Credit: Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports
Devin White, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mandatory Credit: Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports /

The Buccaneers made history being the first team to ever win a regular season game in Germany, making it two in a row for the season. What else is to come?

Ah yes, Germany!  Deutschland. Das Land der Dichter und Denker. Rhineland. The Fatherland. Home of Oktoberfest. Whatever you want to call it, Sunday was a good day to be a Buccaneers fan. Especially in Germany. Especially in Munich.

After the destruction of German cities in WWII, the vast majority of Germany was rebuilt to it’s former pre-WWII glory.

Today you wouldn’t bat an eye as it looks like the original buildings were still there from centuries past. Visitors to the Buccaneers/Seahawks game were greeted by the grandeur of The Glockenspiel at Marienplatz Square in the center of Munich, and the touristy Hofbrauhaus, as well as the many other spectacles and offerings Germany has to offer.

Germans and Europeans alike came out in mass force to revel and support the NFL in (Munich) Europe. And in the many bars and pubs as well as at the game, beers the size of babies were flowing and even being drunk by… ‘babies.’

It definitely made an impression as it looks like Munich will be the second European city to host an NFL game each season. And we’re talking for the next four or five years at least.

Munich aka München, Germany, and probably most of Europe, were rabidly anticipating this game ever since it was announced. Apparently, according to some reports, there were ticket requests somewhere in the neighborhood of 3+ million! For only 75,000 seats! Eh hem, ONLY 75,000.

Let that sink in for a minute. Obviously the NFL product has a bit of appeal across the pond. You could say an obsession, although not that creepy, stalker-ey kind of obsession. More like a blatant outright fervor and frenzy. Is it going to knock out soccer? You know, what THEY call football?

Do we care? Nope.

So it looks like “American Football” is getting a ‘foothold’ where it once was scoffed at, ridiculed and disdained. My have times changed, and yet it’s a win for everyone!

The city of Munich, the country of Germany itself, and Europe in general made the most of the rare treat that an NFL game there has become. So it then begs the question. Beyond just games a couple times a year across the pond, will there eventually be an expansion of teams to include one in London and maybe Munich as well?

Maybe. The dollars are there, the interest and support sure seem to be, and that adds up to some serious consideration, doesn’t it? But what about travel, logistics, exclusive NFL approved stadium facilities, and little things such as the turf, and all other aspects that will need to adhere to NFL rules and regulations? Nothing that can’t be overcome, even dedicated stadiums, but again, the money sure appears to  be there. It should be interesting to see how this develops over the next couple years.

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Although the Bucs still have some work to do, hopefully the bye week will give them time to work on the issues still plaguing them. We will relish this win, as ugly as it sometimes was and not taking away from the good that came with it. That’s right Rashaad White, this may have well been your break out game. And this game may have been the break out game for the NFL in Germany, and Europe in general.

The NFL world is evolving and we shall see what else is to come.

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