Cut likely on the way for Buccaneers veteran before playoffs

Giovani Bernard, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)
Giovani Bernard, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) /

The Buccaneers have been in plenty of situations where they could use Giovani Bernard but don’t. A cut could be coming for the veteran.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are getting to a point in the season where they are going to need some major changes on the roster (within reason) if they are going to make a push for the playoffs and not be a quick exit.

We aren’t saying that the Bucs will get any major free agents, at least, not at this point, but there are some mediocre players out there that can do more than some of the guys that are simply surfing the roster for Tampa.

One such player that seems like he could become a casualty for another depth option that sees the field more is Giovani Bernard.

Bernard has been dealing with some injuries this year that started in the preseason, so the deck was already stacked against him, but his lack of usage even in games where Leonard Fournette is out is pretty damming for his future.

A room with Rachaad White (a rookie), Ke’Shawn Vaughn (a running back that is hardly ever used), and Bernard should be a perfect place for a veteran to emerge and take some reps. The fact that Bernard still did nothing in this game should be the nail in the coffin for the vet.

This isn’t a fun cut or one that everyone will appreciate, but the Buccaneers don’t need a player that can’t even get on the field when the room has a major player missing and the team is struggling.

The Buccaneers would be better off finding a veteran that can actually make it on the field before the playoffs and use them in Bernard’s spot if they find the right fit.

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