What will Buccaneers life be like after Tom Brady?

Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Sebastian Widmann/Getty Images)
Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Sebastian Widmann/Getty Images) /
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What’s life going to be like for the Buccaneers after Tom Brady since he isn’t playing in Tampa for much longer.

Whether he hangs around one more year, now that he’s a single man and feels Tampa is his best chance for another ring, or leaves for greener pastures, what’s the Bucs plan for their future quarterback?

Let’s face it, neither Blaine Gabbert nor Kyle Trask are the future the Bucs can or should count on to take this team beyond the Brady era. It’s no secret as much as we hear the spin from the coaches about Trask, none of us are fooled.

It all hinges upon Brady and the timing of it all. Personally, as much as most would be thrilled to have Tom back next year, at some point sooner than later, this needs to get solidified as I see this being his last year in a Buccaneers uniform. Maybe one more at the very most.

Unless the Bucs get a high enough draft pick to grab a quality QB, it may all be for naught this next season. Brady needs to make a firm decision very soon after this Bucs season ends.

Either way, if the Bucs don’t get a solid, inventive, and creative Offensive Coordinator and a Head Coach that can utilize the skills of the players, (Todd Bowles should be a DC not HC) then they will sit in a eddy of mediocrity where fans can expect similar results next year as we have so far this season.

Here are just three QB options for the future beyond Tom Brady.

Option One: Baker Mayfield

Really? Yes that’s right. We saw Baker launch a last minute comeback in the Rams/Raiders game last night, but it may just be all the stars aligning for the evening. Or maybe it was just a bit of ‘nothing to lose’ football mixed in with heart, fight and tenacity. But let’s face it, when Matt Stafford comes back from injury he’ll be the man, not Baker.

Mayfield is a stop gap for the Rams and will have to battle with John Wolford the rest of the way this year, but with his starting experience and if he continues to play well, should start for the Rams here on out this season. I’d be surprised if they pulled a ‘Colin Kaeperick’ like the Niners did when Alex Smith came back from injury many moons ago and go with Mayfield over Stafford next season so Baker may be looking for a new team.

Mayfield’s actually got some game, and put in the right situation with the right QB coach and OC, something we hope to have in Tampa, hopefully, would the Bucs pull the trigger on a potential future front man in Mayfield? It’s definitely possible.

Mayfield will be 28 in April, still young enough for several years running the offense for this team, and not too young that he’s still figuring out how the NFL world differs from college.

Now the challenge; is he up for the task, can he perform at an elite level week in and week out? The reasons he was let go in Carolina and Cleveland may not be the reasons the Bucs don’t sign the guy, but the talent is there, and as always, time will tell. See Kyle Trask.

Mayfield has the potential, the talent, the longevity, and may very well be priced right. He’s certainly someone with that ‘it’ factor to be the face of the franchise. It’ll be interesting to see. Of course this may all hinge on if Brady stays another year and if Baker is willing to again play backup until Tom’s gone.

Is Mayfield the answer? Maybe for a couple years or more, or just long enough to draft the next ship’s captain.