Buccaneers still losing with cowards in coaching positions

Todd Bowles, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
Todd Bowles, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports /

The Buccaneers are losing football games in part due to cowards having far too much control of this football team. Changes are needed.

There is one simple fact that every Buccaneers fan should be able to agree on; the team is only going to start winning games again when Todd Bowles and Byron Leftwich are replaced or when they drop the coward tendencies that make it seem like they care about not losing more than they care about winning football games.

Risking it for the biscuit has left the building. In fact, it has left the state.

The philosophy that helped build this team and also got Bruce Arians into the Ring of Honor has made an obvious departure from Tampa, and the team is obviously struggling in part because of it.

Todd Bowles has taking conservative coaching to the extreme during an era of the game where teams that are aggressive and go for it are rewarded more often than not.

A good example of this lack of aggression has been the Bucs kicking in fourth and short situations. In the past two games, the Bucs have missed two long field goals because Bowles and company chose to kick in situations where Ryan Succop is woefully under-equipped for the moment.

These situations gave the ball back to the opponents rather than extending the drives and giving the Buccaneers more chances at seven points.

Tampa also did the same thing in the loss tonight in the red zone when they chose to kick a field goal rather than pushing for a touchdown in a fourth and short situation. How are we feeling now, “just take the points” people?

Again, we’ve seen it all season, but the Buccaneers aren’t going to magically start winning games when every decision is seemingly made out of fear rather than the confidence and the swagger that the teams of the past possessed.

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