Bengals players take shot at Tom Brady after Buccaneers loss

Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images)
Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images) /

Losing has a way of bringing the spotlight back to you. Tom Brady experienced this after the Buccaneers loss last night in a tough performance.

The loss last night was painfully for Tom Brady and the Buccaneers but it certainly wasn’t out of the blue or unexpected.

The Bucs have been terrible this season and have one of the worst offenses in the NFL. The Bengals have struggled at times, but they still look like one of the best teams in the league.

The result was about what most rational viewers expected.

The Buccaneer offense collapsed after a great first half. The Bengals got extremely hot in the second half and were able to capitalize one one of Tom Brady’s worst quarters as a Buccaneer.

Brady’s bad game wasn’t lost on anyone, especially not the Bengals players. They were quick to let Brady know what they thought after their dominant performance:

These comments were tough but fair. The future is now and sure doesn’t look like it is going to be owned by Tom Brady or Tampa.

The comments on the fairly decent are more take it or leave it. Are the Bengals world beaters on that side of the ball? It’s hard to tell when everyone looks great on defense against the Bucs.

What a strange sentence to write.

This trend is likely going to continue as the Buccaneers and Brady continue to regress and struggle on the offensive end of the ball. There are a lot of people that are going to line up for a shot to talk trash at the 2020 champions as they continue to get easy matchups.

It’s going to be a long rest of the season for Tom Brady and the Buccaneers as this trend is unlikely to stop based on what we have seen.

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