Tom Brady’s fiery quote about future is music to the ears of Bucs fans

Despite what you may have heard, nobody knows what the future holds for Tom Brady. That includes the man himself, who seems to be already sick and tired of the endless rumors about what he plans on doing now that his third season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has ended.

To be fair, Brady is a public figure and his career is of immense public interest. Unless someone is saying something truly salacious about him, speculating about his future in the NFL is fair game.

Brady talked about his future — or more specifically the constant chatter about it in the media — and had a very uncharacteristic response. The usually calm and collected Brady lost it a bit, cursing out those who have been trying to say what he will do before he’s even decided what that will be.

“If I knew what I was going to f—ing do I would’ve already f—ing done it. I’m taking it a day at a time,” Brady said to co-host Jim Gray on their Let’s Go podcast. “I appreciate you asking. Thank you.”

Gray was essentially the conduit for everyone who has been assuming Brady will do this or that now that his season is over. Depending on who you ask, he’s already signed with the Raiders, Saints, Dolphins, or 49ers, or retired from the league entirely.

In reality, Brady hasn’t done anything.

While we don’t know for sure what his future holds, that response was the best possible one Bucs fans could have heard.

It’s not just Brady who has been dragged through hell and back with constant chatter about him leaving Tampa Bay. Bucs fans have become collateral damage in all of the rumor-mongering, nothing more than the fanbase who used to root for him.

No one knows where Brady will play but it won’t be in Tampa, the consensus seems to be.

Tom Brady’s response isn’t a decision on returning, but it hits on something Bucs fans have been saying since the final gun of the Wild Card game against Dallas. The way Brady talked to the media was immediately taken as him saying goodbye to Tampa Bay, rather than being seen as a man who is simply tying up loose ends in case that’s the last chance he gets to talk to folks in the building.

Aaron Rodgers said after his last game this year that he’d need time to decide what was next. Countless other players say the same thing, and Brady is no different; the heat of the moment is not the time to make a massive life decision.

Maybe Tom Brady will end up leaving Tampa for something else — be it another team or retirement. But the idea that he’s already bid farewell to the Bucs is foolish, and he spoke with the passion of millions of Bucs fans when addressing all of the nonsense rumors.