David Breidenbach

I'm a Covid darling, old, fat, and diabetic. How's by you? I've managed to stay alive by anti-social distancing and wearing more masks than an umpire with multiple personalities. I have one wife, two sons, three and 7/9ths grandchildren. Two dogs, both inherited from my two sons, and I have been wanting to write sports for a long time. My first shot at sports writing was with The Bradenton Herald back in the early '80s. After I knocked around the journalism field for too long, I took a job that paid as a Technical Writer for the DoD. Yeah, I know, I gave in. But a job should only be something that provides enough cash for you to do the kinds of things you want to do. Parse that sentence if you will. Anyway, happy to be here and hope you enjoy my off-the-lip writing style.