3 Buccaneers who could be cut before playing a snap

There's a ton of competition on the Buccaneers roster, something that might result in these 3 players getting cut before ever taking a snap with the franchise
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Offseason Workout
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Offseason Workout / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages
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Among the many questions surrounding the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this offseason, everything seems to fit under the umbrella of wondering what happens with the roster.

In a post-Tom Brady world, there’s added weight on the Bucs roster to show that it still has what it takes to compete. That’s an expectation the coaching staff has put on everyone, as the mindset heading into this upcoming season is one of competitiveness, not defeat.

Experts around the league have already pegged the Bucs as candidates to tank but no one inside of the building believes that. The front office approached this offseason with a winning mindset, which was demonstrated in the moves that were made.

Jamel Dean and Lavonte David both re-signed, and guys like Baker Mayfield and Chase Edmonds were brought in during free agency. Those are not moves a team that’s aiming to tank makes, and it’s beginning to set a tone at Bucs camp.

Todd Bowles has some decisions to make when it comes to setting the roster.

There are some players we know will be on the roster when Week 1 rolls around, but there are others who wil succumb to the competition at training camp and may never play a single snap during their stint in Tampa Bay.

David Moore, WR

One thing working for Moore is that he has an existing relationship with new offensive coordinator Dave Canales. They both spent time together in Seattle and Moore had the most productive years of his career while working with his new coach.

However, something working against Moore is that there are about eight other guys in the room who are vying for a the same roster spot he is. Assuming the Bucs take seven receivers into the regular season, Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and Russell Gage are all locks which only leaves about four spots that are up for grabs. Kade Warner could fill the Scotty Miller role, and rookie Trey Palmer is likely to make the cut as well.

Add to that the fact that both Deven Thompkins and Kaylon Geiger are ahead of Moore on the depth chart, which puts him in a pretty tough spot when it comes to a clear path toward making the roster.

His relationship with Canales can’t be undersold, especially when it comes to finding people to help install a new offense. Will that be more valuable than what some of the other guys fighting for a roster spot bring to the table?

There’s also the injury concern to consider. Moore has only played 16 games twice in his career, with injuries cutting some of his other seasons short.

Moore is a fine player, but it seems like there are more ways he ends up being a preseason cut than being on the sideline Week 1.