3 Buccaneers who could be cut before playing a snap

There's a ton of competition on the Buccaneers roster, something that might result in these 3 players getting cut before ever taking a snap with the franchise
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Offseason Workout
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Offseason Workout / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages
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Jose Ramirez, OLB

This would be a tough one, because everything we’ve seen about Jose Ramirez suggests he could develop into a fine rotational piece for Todd Bowles. However, if we’re basing this on history then the odds are stacked against Ramirez making the final cut.

Each of the last seasons the Bucs have cut at least player from their rookie draft class. Andre Anthony was released last year, Chris Wilcox the year before that with Grant Stuard being traded later in the year. All three players were picked in the sixth or seventh round, which doesn’t bode well for Ramirez.

Keep in mind that the depth at his position is also working against him.

Ramirez is on the same depth line as Shaw Barrett and Anthony Nelson, two guys who seem to be near-locks to make the roster. They both have questions marks — Barrett could be a cap casualty and Nelson needs to play well — but it would be a big deal if either were let go.

For what it’s worth, we have Ramirez penciled in to make the 53-man roster in our post-minicamp projection mostly because of how great his hype is. That doesn’t mean it will translate to a great training camp and still might not guarantee him a roster spot.