3 teams that are hoping the Buccaneers botch contract talks with Tristan Wirfs

We're not saying it's going to happen, but if it does...
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tristan Wirfs
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The Commanders may be in the market for a tackle next offseason

The Washington Commanders still have a long way to go before becoming a contending team. But, at the very least, they believe they have their franchise quarterback in Jayden Daniels. And, that's a good start.

Their current starting tackles are veterans Cornelius Lucas and Andrew Wylie, neither of which are irreplaceable. Last year, Lucas played only 227 snaps, but in those snaps, he was awful in the run game. And, with Daniels being a mobile quarterback, your offensive tackles need to be nimble and capable in the run-blocking department.

Wylie, meanwhile, played 974 snaps in 2023 and gave up nine sacks, six hits and 42 total pressures. Giving up nine sacks on the season is unacceptable, and the Commanders likely want that number cut in half this coming campaign.

Washington did draft Brandon Coleman in the third round this year, who may end up being a starting-caliber player early on. But, there's no guarantee. Wirfs is as close to a guarantee as you could get.

With a franchise quarterback in place, the best thing the Commanders could do for Daniels is to go out and get a cornerstone offensive tackle to help protect him. Wirfs is as good as it gets, and he'd be welcomed to Washington. There may not even be a price the Commanders wouldn't pay, at this point. He'd be that valuable to the future of this franchise.