3 trade candidates Buccaneers need to pursue before training camp

Would any of these deals make the Bucs a firm NFC South favorite?
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Preston Smith
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Preston Smith / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages
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Trading for Dawson Knox could be an underrated move by this Bucs team

One position Bucs fans thought the team might address this offseason is at tight end. But, Tampa Bay didn't do anything notable there. Instead, they will ride into the 2024 season with Cade Otton still locked in as the starter, unless another guy steps up and comes out of no where to take the job.

Or, the Bucs could try and make a trade for a guy like Dawson Knox. The Bills drafted Dalton Kincaid in the first round, last year, and opted to use a lot of both at times in 2023. But, as the Bills navigate a post-Stefon Diggs era, dealing Knox could make some sense. Buffalo will probably try and feature guys like rookie Keon Coleman and veteran Curtis Samuel while also looking ahead to next year's offseason to add more talent.

Knox is a valuable asset, and if Buffalo could get a mid-round pick for him at this point, why not pull the trigger? It would be a win-win for both sides. Buffalo could feature a lot more of Kincaid while Knox comes into a fantastic situation as the Bucs' TE1.

A trade for Preston Smith would bolster the Bucs' pass rush

Finally, might Tampa Bay try and find a top-tier pass rusher and end the Joe Tryon-Shoyinka experiment? The Bucs drafted Chris Braswell who very well could take that job, but Tampa Bay could really use a bonafide name and starter there instead.

Green Bay's Preston Smith was floated out on Davenport's list of potential trade candidates, and if the price was right, Tampa Bay should at least make a call. Green Bay could already have a Smith replacement in-house with last year's first-round pick Lukas Van Ness, and Smith is going to count $14 million against their cap in 2024.

The money is something Tampa Bay would have to figure out, ensuring they're still under the cap. But, adding someone who has tallied at least 8.0 sacks in each of the past three seasons isn't a bad idea. Tampa Bay could be getting set for another NFC South title this season, and Smith looks like he'd be that final, missing piece.