4 former Buccaneers who are surprisingly free agents, and where they could sign

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v San Francisco 49ers
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The NFL offseason might be calming down after the frenzy of free agency and the NFL Draft, but there is still work left to be done. Rosters continue to be built, with the next phase of the offseason being the reevaluation of free agents who didn't get scooped up during the first few waves.

It's unlikely that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers make any big moves before the start of the season, but they'll still be at least tangetially connected moves that are made. A handful of Buccaneers free agents remain unsigned, which shouldn't be interpreted as those guys not having potential value for whatever team signs them.

Don't hold the Bucs gnarly salary cap situation against the players who weren't able to be retained. It could be argued that if Tampa Bay had the cash they might have brought back a few players who ended up being priced out of their future.

Guys like Mike Edwards, Sean Murphy-Bunting, and Keanu Neal found work elsewhere, as did Donovan Smith, Josh Wells, and Blaine Gabbert. Others aren't so lucky, and while it's not a total shock that these guys are still free agents it's nonetheless surprising.

Leonard Fournette, RB

When he elected to leave Tampa Bay after Tom Brady announced his retirement, the thought was that Fournette would find work in the first few waves of free agency. Unfortunately for him it seems to a quiet and tough market for running backs.

Ezekiel Elliott and Dalvin Cook appear to be head of him in the priority line, and it's looking more and more like he'll have to settle for a similar role to what he had with the Bucs wherever he lands next. He's still on the right side of 30, which is why it's a little surprising that he remains unsigned but it's not like he was a superstar when he joined the Bucs.

Fournette's struggling to live up to his top draft pick billing with the Jaguars is partially why he landed in Tampa Bay, and could be something teams are analyzing when thinking about his value.

Still, that value is there, and you don't have to look hard to see where it might be maximized. The Vikings are moving on from Cook and could use a back alongside Alexander Mattison, while the Dallas Cowboys could replace Elliott with Fournette to run alongside Tony Pollard. The Tennessee Titans have Derrick Henry, but pairing him with another bruising back like Fournette could help get the King some rest while also not needing to change up much of the gameplan.

Potential Fits:

  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Minnesota Vikings
  • Tennessee Titans