4 former Buccaneers who are surprisingly free agents, and where they could sign

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Cameron Brate, TE

This one is a bit tougher, as Brate carries a considerable amount of injury baggage with him wherever he goes. But to think that his career is over is misguided, as is the idea that he doesn't have anything left to offer.

Don't hold Brate's production with Bucs near the end of his run with the team against him. Besides an injury-ridden final season, he was replaced by Rob Gronkowski for most of the Tom Brady era. That's not his fault, and it's not even that much of an indictment as Brate and Gronk are wildly different players.

It's a safe bet to assume he'll play again somewhere in the league, it's just a question of where a guy like him at this stage of his career fits best. He's not a starter, but he's a solid depth piece for an offense looking for pass-catching help. The Los Angeles Chargers stick out as a clear favorite since they badly need tight end depth for Justin Herbert. In fact, Los Angeles might be his best shot at legitimately contending for a starting role. Gerald Everett and Donald Parham Jr are great players, but there's nothing to say Brate can't come in and either beat them out or become a great piece to rotate in among that group.

Don't sleep on Cincinnati as a potential destination either. The Bengals have a history of dipping into the Bucs free agency pool and could use Brate to strengthen a group that doesn't have a true standout.

The main takeaway here is that Brate has enough left in the tank to be a useful piece of a great offense, and watching him play with Herbert, Joe Burrow, or another great quarterback is something Bucs fans can be objectively happy about.

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