5 Buccaneers who deserve blame after 27-20 loss to Colts

The Bucs were let down by some key players in the Week 12 loss.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Indianapolis Colts
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Indianapolis Colts / Michael Hickey/GettyImages
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Devin White, LB

It was another rough game for Devin White, who did himself exactly zero favors in trying to either win back Bucs fans or make a case for getting paid.

There were more than a few snafus by White, but the worst play was without a doubt his performance on Gardner Minshew's short scramble for a touchdown. White was either out of position or simply made a bad play but the result was an easy score and optics that drove Bucs fans crazy.

It's one thing to have Patrick Mahomes cook Devin White at the goal line on a scramble -- which is what happened last year -- but it's entirely different when Gardner Minshew does it. This also isn't the first time White has been looking behind him at a quarterback who beat him for a touchdown scramble, as Justin Field and Desmond Ridder both scored on him earlier this year.

All of this is colored with the extra texture of White wanting a massive new contract. He requested a trade in April when he didn't hear numbers he liked, but he's hardly played like a top linebacker in the league this year. What makes it worse is White should be on that level because we've seen him there before. He was instrumental in helping the Bucs win a Super Bowl but that was three years ago, White hasn't done much lately.

The inconsistency has been brutal for White this year. He'll have games like he did a few weeks ago against the Titans but he's also capable of duds like Sunday. When it comes time to re-negotiate his contract in March, it won't just be the Bucs looking at games like this as they put stacks of cash back into the suitcase when making him an offer.