5 realistic free agents Buccaneers could sign in 2024

Tampa Bay can improve the roster without breaking the bank this offseason.

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Sean Murphy-Bunting, CB

How about another reunion?

Just like Whitehead, Sean Murphy-Bunting would be able to slip right back into a familiar system while also bringing whatever wisdom he learned during his time away from Tampa Bay. Murphy-Bunting was one of the painful cap casualties last season as the Bucs might have brought him back had they not been so strapped for cash.

Not everything about his game was perfect, and her certainly caused some frustrations, but the lack of depth at cornerback was abundantly clear last year and it needs to be addressed in some way this offseason. Murphy-Bunting would provide the team with the depth is needs, but at a fair price and with someone who would already be a few steps ahead of other free agents who might be brought in.

He spent last season with the Tennessee Titans, and while it wasn’t anything that sent him to a Pro Bowl he did earn the praise of Mike Vrabel. That’s not an easy thing to do, and Murphy-Bunting returning to Tampa Bay with the teachings of a defensive maestro would likely only make whatever he does in combining it with Bowles’ system even better.

Of the two players, Murphy-Bunting is more likely to return based on fewer teams being interested in him than Whitehead. That’s not a knock, though, as a return to Tampa Bay after some time away might be exactly the right thing for everyone involved.

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