5 running backs Buccaneers could realistically target in free agency

Todd Bowles said he wants the Bucs to add a running back, and there are some interesting options out there.

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a long list of offseason tasks to take care of, and it extend beyond the obvious.

No matter what happens with the team's top three free agents, both the offensive line and the run game need proper attention either through free agency or the draft. Todd Bowles said as much at the NFL Combine this week, noting that he'd like to see the team add another running back at some point over the next few months.

That addition could come from the draft, as pairing a young back with Rachaad White and Chase Edmonds is an intriguing idea. It could also mean the Bucs look at the free agent market and go bargain shopping for someone who fits the mold of what the offense needs and the general vibe of the team.

5 running backs Buccaneers could realistically target in free agency

Cam Akers

One potential budget option for the Bucs could be a guy who new offensive coordinator Liam Coen is already familiar with

Coen's time with the Los Angeles Rams overlapped with Cam Akers' in 2020 but the former was spending his time in the quarterback room. When Coen took over as offensive coordinator in 2022, Akers saw his production increase to career-best totals, as he finished the season with nearly 900 total yards and seven touchdowns.

Injuries played a role in tanking his numbers, but he managed just 167 rushing yards in 7 games last season between stints with the Rams and Vikings. Not for nothing, Akers best season was coming off an Achilles tendon tear, putting him in an almost identical spot this year after suffering the same injury with Minnesota.

One thing that could complicate matters is his free agency status. Akers is a restricted free agent, which means the Vikings can match an offer that he gets from another team. He's a bit on the price end of the bargain section, with a market value around $4.1 million and a multi-year contract projection.

Akers has a lot to prove, though, which could bode well for the Bucs. Not only would he be a potential fit in the system by reuniting with Coen but he'd be in a situation to revive his career on a short-term deal and cash in next offseason if all goes well.

Market Value: $4.1M