5 running backs Buccaneers could realistically target in free agency

Todd Bowles said he wants the Bucs to add a running back, and there are some interesting options out there.

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J.K. Dobbins

It's hard to believe that J.K. Dobbins is already entering his fifth year in the NFL because it feels like we've hardly seen him play. Injuries have devastated his career so far, with an ACL tear wiping out his 2021 season and an Achilles year in Week 1 last year ended his season after just eight carries.

He's set to hit free agency with a checkered injury history but a ton of upside since he's seen so little action since being drafted out of Ohio State back in 2020. Outside of his rookie season he hasn't played more than eight games and has appeared in just nine total, which makes him a potentially perfect reclamation project for the Bucs to take on.

The situation with Baker Mayfield wasn't so intense, but there are parallels to draw between the two players. Like Baker, Dobbins could use a stint with the Bucs to finally get his career on the track it appeared to be on when he rushed for 805 yards and nine touchdowns just five years ago. That's just scratching the surface of his potential, and putting hin the same backfield as Rachaad White could help him tap back into the guy who was so electric in college.

It's a gamble, but the Bucs aren't afraid to take those when it's the right call. Dobbins, if healthy, could be a top back in the league and pairing him with White might take Tampa Bay's run game to places it hasn't been in years.

Market Value: $2.1M

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