7 Buccaneers players who won't be back in 2024

It was an unbelievable season, but not everyone will return next year to try and run things back.
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Ryan Jensen, C

This one hurts, because it's the one that nobody wants to see happen and is completely out of everyone's control.

Ryan Jensen missed his second straight season after suffering a knee injury in training camp back in 2022, and it might be that his playing days are over. He tried to come back this year and made a triumphant return to camp with a powerful speech about his road to recovery, but it ended with the same knee giving him issues and forcing him to spend the year on IR.

It's a shame because this Bucs team was one that felt tailor-made for Jensen's energy. He'd have fit right in with the grittiness that Baker Mayfield brought and it would have been amazing to see him literally handing the ball off from Brady to Baker as the Bucs put together the sort of season they did.

Jensen was on the sideline for almost every Bucs game, despite not being active. That's just the kind of teammate he was and it makes the idea of losing him even more hard to take. It also means there's a potential void at center the Bucs need to fill. Robert Hainsey stepped up to fill in for Jensen this season and did relatively well, but Tampa Bay will need to ask itself tough questions about what the future holds, especially on an offensive line that might need to be torn down and rebuilt outside of Tristan Wirfs.

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