Baker Mayfield pulls off another highlight reel scramble against Bears

For the second straight week, Baker Mayfield ripped off a gutsy scramble.
Chicago Bears v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Chicago Bears v Tampa Bay Buccaneers / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages

The temperature wasn't the only thing heating up in Tampa Bay on Sunday afternoon. For the second straight week, Baker Mayfield turned in a highlight reel run that further showed that this Buccaneers team is built differently from the one we saw last year.

Last week Mayfield tore off two huge runs to help the Bucs secure an upset victory over the Minnesota Vikings, and he was back at it against on Sunday. In the first quarter with the Bucs needing a spark on offense, Mayfield saved what appeared to be a broken play and turned it into positive yardage.

Not only that, he scrambled out of a sack that would have set the Bucs way back and stunted the momentum that had been building.

On the last drive of the first half, Baker scrambled again to extend a scoring drive and also draw a personal foul penalty.

Baker went for the trifecta when he channeled his inner Patrick Mahomes and pulled off a sidearm throw that helped extend a touchdown drive in the third quarter.

It wasn't as obviously impactful as the scrambles against the Vikings, but it was a continuation -- which is just as important.

Sure the Bucs pulled off an upset win on the road last week, but it was only one game. We watched the team pull off clutch victories last season that amounted to nothing more than tears in the rain, which is what makes this week-to-week development so promising.

Mayfield's runs last week forced pundits to give him credit but it's clear that this is just the style and attitude he's going to play with. It's energy that the rest of the team is feeding off, too, as it's not a coincidence that the Bucs turned a sluggish start around after this run and started to control the game.

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