Baker Mayfield threw a block on Nick Bosa and Bucs fans were loving it


Sunday's game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and San Francisco 49ers was a rematch, just not the one that was obvious. While the Bucs and Niners met less than a calendar year ago, the matchup of Baker Mayfield and Nick Bosa was on the minds of more than a few football fans across the country.

The duo have history that dates back to their days in college. Bosa's Ohio State Buckeyes were upset by Baker's Oklahoma Sooners in a game that saw the quarterback infamously plant a flag at the Buckeyes midfield logo.

It's a moment that has followed each of them since. Bosa brought it up when the two met during Baker's rookie season, and his comments have been blown up each time the two meet up.

We heard some of the buildup in the lead up to Sunday's game, and it didn't take long for the two to clash on the field.

Baker Mayfield threw a block on Nick Bosa and Bucs fans loved it

To start the second quarter, the Bucs ran a reverse to Trey Palmer that featured Baker throwing a block on Bosa to create some space. It was the clash so many people were waiting for but not exactly the way it was supposed to go down.

The play went for a medium gain, but Bucs fans were loving Baker's big block on Bosa.

As awesome as that play was, it ended up being all for nothing. A few plays later Bosa chased Baker into a strip sack that ended what looked to be a promising offensive drive for Tampa Bay. It's not the first time the Bucs have stunted their own momentum -- something they can't afford to do against a team like San Francisco -- but the extra texture of Bosa's involvement spiced things up.

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