Baker Mayfield leaves game after hurting ankle on QB sneak (Updated)

Here's the latest on Baker Mayfield's injury on the first drive of the Bucs-Colts game.

Some Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans have been wanting to see Kyle Trask this year, but nobody wanted it to be like this.

Baker Mayfield needed to be helped off the field on Sunday during the Bucs first drive of the game against Indianapolis. It was a gut punch for more than a few reasons, not the least of which it stunted what was one of the best offensive drives the team has had all season.

Tampa Bay was marching down the field on the Colts defense, converting third downs at a clip we haven't seen all year. It was a masterfully efficient offensive drive that led to a first-and-goal situation where Baker ran a QB sneak.

Baker Mayfield injury update after hurting ankle in Week 12

It was on this play that he appeared to take a low shot to his ankle and needed to be helped off the field. Baker was writhing in pain and clutching his lower leg while on the field but was eventually able to get up and limp off.

Baker was also able to limp into the blue medical tent on his own, but Kyle Trask needed to come in to finish the drive. What started out as one of the best drives of the season -- and one of the most promising -- ended with Trask failing to get into the endzone and field goal needing to be kicked.

Despite how bad it looked, there was some good news. CBS reported from the sideline that Baker's ankle was 'heavily taped' up but he was expected to return to the game. He indeed returned for the Bucs next offensive drive, which once again proves just how gritty and tough he's been for the team all season long.

Say what you will about him, but it's hard to deny his no-quit spirit and the impact that has on the rest of the team.

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