Baker Mayfield cracks joke about Lions fans who invaded Tampa Bay on Sunday

If only Baker had been as accurate with his throws as he is with his zingers.
Detroit Lions v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Detroit Lions v Tampa Bay Buccaneers / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

If there's been one constant over the years, it's opposing fans being able to invade Raymond James Stadium with relative ease.

To be fair, most of that time the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were hardly what you'd call an attraction. Going 59-101 since 2010 will do that, and it also gave opposing fans incentive to come see their team whenever they came through Tampa.

It's easy to see fan bases that travel well -- like the Steelers, Cowboys, and Eagles -- pack RJS. The extra twist of the knife came when smaller fan bases gave the impression of traveling well simply because they packed a stadium that Bucs fans refused to.

Again, if the Bucs had been better in the 2010s, the argument might have been different.

Those hurt feelings returned on Sunday when a huge game against Detroit saw Raymond James Stadium filled almost 50/50 with Lions fans. This isn't the 2010s Bucs -- even if they played that way -- it's a first place team that is three years removed from winning the Super Bowl.

It was a major talking point during the game and remains so almost half a week later. Bucs fans have weighed in, writers have commented, and even Baker Mayfield has hopped into the conversation.

Baker Mayfield zings Lions fans who invaded Tampa Bay on Sunday

Speaking with the media after practice on Wednesday, Baker was asked about the large contingency of Lions fans who packed Raymond James Stadium on Sunday. His response was less a troll or a callout of Bucs fans and more the perfect zinger.

If only Baker had thrown some of his passes with the accuracy he had on that zinger.

Lions fans don't deserve to be trolled for showing up the way they did on Sunday. Bucs fans who were forced to buy two years worth of season tickets shouldn't be called out either, as it's not their fault the franchise decided to gouge them when the times were good.

If anything, there should be an element of respect between the two fanbases after what we saw on Sunday. This isn't the Eagles, Steelers, or Cowboys we're talking about, it's the Detroit Lions who have traveling like this.

For a a franchise that has suffered as long and hard as the Lions have -- something the Bucs can relate to -- it was objectively cool to see the support. The issue of filling RJS with the right ratio of home fans is going to be an ongoing issue, but if it was going to happen on a stage like Sunday then at least it was a fan base that deserves what they are witnessing.

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