4 Edge Rushers the Buccaneers should target after Haason Reddick trade

The Buccaneers may want to start getting busy at one of their most important positions of need.

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Philadelphia Eagles v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Bud Dupree, Free Agent

People are going to focus on the draft, and rightfully so, but free agency is where this team is going to have to decide the position in the short term.

Bud Dupree might look like a Hell of a gamble due to his injury history, but a decent recent season with the Falcons and a full, 17-game showing makes this one of the more intriguing options on the market.

Dupree has done it before. There was a point where he was one of the most highly-sought pass rushers in the league after a very successful 2019 season. Injuries and declined play hurt Dupree's stock, but his 2023 showing with the Falcons was good enough to cause teams like the Buccaneers to keep an eye on one of their former rivals and see if they can recreate his top production.

YaYa Diaby and Dupree would be a quality pair to trot out on opening day as the starters, Dupree would bring a good veteran pressence to the room, and the Bucs could do all of this on a cheap deal that wouldn't force the team to alienate a rookie in favor of a more expensive veteran.

Much like Lawson, it may not be the most exciting option out there, but realistic with upside might be the best the Bucs can do when all things are considered.

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